Cryptocurrency Dataset & Metrics DAO

To ensuring data integrity of cryptocurrency related data that is reviewed and validated by DAO.
Statsfolio can then be a user of verified data as can everyone else for free, verified and open source. A decentralized p2p data aggregator alternative to centralized websites such as statsfolio, coinmarketcap etc. 

DAO Function & Mechanics

Voting Mechanism:

  • Quadratic Voting

DAO Members:

  • Only DAO Members who verified by other DAO Members can review reviewable items and make change requests.

Review Items Status:

All peer reviewable items can be identified by their "Peer Review Status" Colour.

  • Reviewed = Green Titles
  • Locked = Black Titles
  • Available for Review = Yellow Dot. - DAO member to update ad add to the "Change Request Pool"
  • In Progress = Blue Dot - Awaiting Peer Reviewers in the "Change Request Pool"

Change Request/s:

  • A change request can be an add, update or delete of a peer reviewable item/value.
  • All change requests will be added to the "Change Request Pool" to be reviewed by DAO Members
  • A successful change request will result in 1 DAO Point being rewarded to the DAO Member.

Change Request Pool:

  • Lists all "Change Request/s" awaiting peer review acceptance or rejections by DAO Members
  • Change Request/s will be accepted or rejected based on predetermined amount of peer reviews.
  • Change Request/s will be "Accepted', "Rejected" or "locked" dependant on peer review result.
  • A successful peer review will result in 0.1 DAO Point being rewarded to the DAO Members reviewing the Change Request/s

DAO Point/s (Credit System)

  • Transferable between DAO Members
  • Can be earned by participating in the Peer Review System as a DAO Member

Example of Dataset & Metrics Data Verified

  • Website/s
  • Link/s
  • Explorer/s
  • Social/s
  • Platforms Supported
  • P2P Ports Mainnet and Testnet
  • RPC Ports Mainnet and Testnet
  • Block Time
  • Block Reward
  • TXS Confirm
  • Mint Confirm
  • Halving Cycle
  • Difficulty Cycle
  • Fork Software
  • Genesis Hash
  • PSZ Timestamp
  • Signature/Curve
  • Announcement URL & Date
  • Critical Coin News
  • Critical Exchange News

Examples of DAO & P2P Integration & Services

P2P Metrics:

  • Peer Details & Count
  • Transaction Details & Count
  • Mining Difficulty
  • Block Metrics
  • Adopted Nodes Count
  • Node Ranking & Peer List

P2P Network Services:

  • Adopt a Node: (p2p)
  • Node Monitoring & Management System
  • Blockchain Bootstrap Services
  • Blockchain Data API