Crypto Metrics

PSup Premine Supply The amount of coins generated before public launch and not generated via open cryptocurrency mining.
CSup Circulating Supply Number of coins circulating in the market and/or the public.
MSup Max Supply The maximum amount of coins that will for particular cryptocurrency.
TSup Total Supply The total amount of coins in existence right now for a particular cryptocurrency.
Ann Announced The public announcement of an upcoming cryptocurrency launch.
Gen Genesis The first block of data on a blockchain. Often referred to as block 0 or 1.
L Halv Last Halving The block number height when block rewards are halved for mined coins. In bitcoin it happens every 210,000 blocks mined.
F BChain Fork Blockchain Forking of blockchain (chain split) leaving two blockchains running simultaneous.
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OS Old School A Cryptocurrency that is > 5 years old @ Statsfolio
PoS POS A blockchain consensus mechanism via staked coins or other systems.
PoW POW A blockchain consensus mechanism usually via computational intensive algorithm to validate transactions/blocks.
Po Proof of Proof of (Mechanism) for validating transactions/blocks.
- Token A coin or digital unit that stores values on another coins blockchain.
- ERC20 A token standard for the Ethereum network that via smart contracts and standards.
SC Smart Contracts A computer protocol intended to facilitate, verify, or enforce a contract without third parties on a blockchain.
Algo Algorithms A process or rule set used for calculations or problem-solving operations.
ICO ICO presale An Initial Coin Offering is a fund raising mechanism similar to Initial Share Offerings but via blockchain technology rather than stock market.
AD Airdrops A distribution of a specific cryptocurrency or token for marketing purposes.
MN Masternodes Masternodes are maintained nodes usually with additional transaction functionalities.
- Github A hosting service providing collaborative tools and software version control via Git.
WP Whitepaper A special document used by ICO's or cryptocurrencies with vision, roadmaps etc, or more specifically a technical paper created by the creators of the cryptocurrency.
Exp Explorer A website or online tool to view transactions, hash rate and other information on the blockchain.
GH Genesis Hash The Hash of Genesis Block
PSZ TS PSZ Timestamp The PSZ Timestamp is a custom constant used as a verifiable timestamp.
FS Fork Software A software fork of an existing project to create a new cryptocurrency using a customed version of the original software. ie .. Litecoin was forked from bitcoin.
Sig Signature Ddigital signatures are used to sign and authorize cryptocurrency transactions.
Curv Curve Name The curve name used in signatures.
BT Block Time A measurement of time to produce a new block on the blockchain.
BR Block Reward The reward the miner is rewarded for verifying transactions and blocks.
TXS C TXS Confirm Number of subsequent confirmed blocks needed before transactions are considered confirmed.
Mint C Mint Confirm Number of subsequent confirmed blocks needed before block rewards can be spent.
Halv Cyc Halving Cycle Number of blocks before block rewards are halved.
Diff Cyc Difficulty Cycle Number of blocks where difficulty is reset.
D Fee B Default Fee B Default Transaction Fees in Bits.
P2P P2P The decentralized peer to peer interactions between parties in a distributed network.
RPC RPC The Remote Procedure Protocol is used to execute procedures on distributed computers.
TN P2P Testnet P2P The P2P Network used for testing.
TN RPC Testnet RPC The RPC Network used for testing.
FB Fork Bchain The cryptocurrency blockchain that was originally forked.
FBB Fork Bchain Blocknumber The block height number that was used to fork blockchain.
FBD Fork Bchain Distribution The distribution ratio for the new forked blockchain. eg. Bitcoin Cash is 1:1 of Bitcoin BTC
SW Segwit A Bitcoin Improvement Proposal (BIP) aimed at fixing transaction malleability on Bitcoin by segregating signature and block content.
XMS P2sh Xpub Magic Segwit P2sh Value used in cryptocurrency wallets relating to Segwit
XMS N Xpub Magic Segwit Native Value used in cryptocurrency wallets relating to Segwit
Min Add L Min Address Length Value used in cryptocurrency wallets defining minimum address length
Max Add L Max Address Length Value used in cryptocurrency wallets defining maximum address length
AT Address Type Value used in cryptocurrency wallets to define address type.
AT P2sh Address Type P2sh Value used in cryptocurrency wallets to define address type.
Bench32 P Bech32 Prefix Value used in cryptocurrency to define address prefix
XPRV M Xprv Magic Value used in cryptocurrency to define xprv magic value.
XPUB M Xpub Magic Value used in cryptocurrency to define xpub magic value.